Just finished Episode 5 of Jas. Townsend & Son’s introduction to getting started in living history. My homework is to start focusing on developing my persona(s).

I’m torn between starting out in the 17th Century, or the 18th.

18th Century would be easier, as there is more material/information available about it. There seem to be more people involved with 18th-Century reenactment (especially the American Revolutionary period) than the 17th Century and the Indian wars.

Either way, the first piece of kit I need is a shift, either cotton or linen. All things considered, I think I’d prefer linen. I have no idea, though, how much women’s shifts changed from the 17th C to the 18th. I hope to find or make one and then wear it as much as possible – to bed, around the house, etc. – so it will become worn and slightly soiled and yellowed, thus appearing more (to my mind) “authentic.”

Second piece of kit I need is a cap.

Third, wool stockings.

Fourth, an overdress and apron.

Fifth, shoes. At the Revolutionary War encampment we visited, I noticed several of the women were wearing black Dansko clogs. Not exactly period, but certainly sturdy and comfortable.

I’m not sure about a corset. I guess I’ll probably need one.

Beyond this, everything else is extra, I guess.

Holding off to see what I can borrow in the meantime.