A lengthy sojourn, and a new thing


It’s been a tumultuous month. I completely managed to overwhelm myself with expectations, as I so often do. Also realized I’d wandered waaaaay off into the weeds, focus-wise. I was all over the place: historical clothing, manners, military history, buttons, shoes, diseases – when what I really meant to focus on was food.

Several people have expressed to me an interest in colonial American foodways: gardening, cookery, and a certain amount of foraging, too. I’d searched for a Facebook group on these topics, and only found one, which I joined – but quickly discovered it was largely inactive, with the single admin posting the occasional Jas. Townsend & Son video. Also, he was apparently a bit of a racist. So I left that group, did a bit of complaining about it to my friends, and they encouraged me to start my own, which I did last night. It’s called Colonial American Foodways and it only has a dozen or so members so far.

I will be moving or at least copying a lot of relevant content/links from this platform to that one. Not sure what that means for the future of this blog, which is semi-secret anyway. If you’re on Facebook, we’d love to have you join our little fledgling group.


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