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It finally feels like spring is here. From 12 o’clock, moving clockwise: dandelion, Barbarea vulgaris, Allium tricoccum, Allium vineale, hosta. Yellow flowers are Ficaria verna, which must be cooked to remove a toxin – this is a new one to me this year. To its left is very young Lepidium virginicum (peppergrass), below that is Daucus carota. The green leaves resembling curly dock are young horseradish leaves. The pale blue green succulent in the center is sedum, probably Autumn Joy. All gathered on an evening stroll through our yard.

Completed two of the four two-hour docent training sessions at Cocumscussoc. Still learning how to properly pronounce – and spell – Cocumscussoc. Met a number of lovely, enthusiastic, informative, helpful, kind people involved in historic interpretation and reenactment – several of who have generously offered to help me cobble together some sort of kit.

Gathered a large basketful of stinging nettles for a friend who is the chef at an old Newport tavern.

Noticed that I feel happiest and most content with myself and my life when I am gardening, foraging, or cooking.

Brainstormed a book idea.

Decluttered and rearranged the contents of two outbuildings. Sorted through thirty years’ worth of photos and personal ephemera. Did a dump run, threw out half a trash bag full of old photos, cards, and letters; other things – including furniture – donated or given away.

In the process, I scratched up a few things for my kit:

  • Adirondack pack
  • two bone-handled table/butter knives
  • two two-pronged forks
  • two cutting boards made from an old pecan tree from my grandparents’ farm (now freshly oiled and drying in the kitchen)
  • wooden (probably teak) bowl
  • long wooden bowl/platter/trencher
  • wooden spoon
  • tin spice grater
  • rolling pin
  • wooden spoons
  • Blue Fluted Royal Copenhagen platter
  • short-handled broom
  • wrought iron S-hook
  • fire bricks
  • basket
  • colonial-style pantry box
  • packet of oak-gall iron ink
  • an old wool army blanket to use as fabric for a petticoat
  • assorted fabrics and old cotton sheets for assorted future sewing projects
  • an old milking stool (from Mexico but who’s to know?)
  • tent, sleeping bag, and sleep mats (modern, but useful in a pinch if I attend an overnight event)
  • hatchet (modern, but useful around fires)

Still need/want:

  • tripod
  • bake kettle, preferably with a flat lid
  • knife
  • more S-hooks
  • pot to boil water or make soup in
  • plate/platter (treenware, I hope)
  • horn drinking mug (wish I’d bought one in Edinburgh last year)
  • redware
  • spider skillet
  • shift (preferably linen)
  • cap
  • wool petticoat
  • apron
  • jacket
  • fichu
  • stockings
  • tattoo coverup